Pastor Tom Turner

Lead Pastor

Tom Turner has been the Lead Pastor at Praise since 1995, beginning with an initial attendance of just 12 people. Bringing forty years of experience and a vision for reaching families, PT has seen Praise grow into one of the most exciting churches on the Gulf Coast. He has four sons: Brandon, Bradley, Bailey and Brady.

In 2014 Pastor Tom’s wife, Lori, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a few short weeks later. Despite this enormous loss, Pastor Tom still sensed the call to stay at Praise Family Church and lead his family through this tragedy.

Miraculously, Pastor Tom remarried with Pamela Dew and gained two more sons, Chris and Kyle. Pastor Tom and Pam now lead Praise with a HUGE vision to reach around the world.

Pastor Tom is a graduate of South Eastern University and Life Christian University

Pastor Jeremy Patrick

Jeremy Patrick began attending Praise Family Church with his family when he was eight years old. It quickly became evident he had a heart for the ministry, as he was involved as soon as he was allowed. After ten years of volunteering, he joined the staff in 2011. Through the years Pastor Jeremy has worked in or led many of the ministries of Praise. Currently he serves as our Connections Pastor, providing oversight for Guest and Member Services as well as our education and outreach efforts. As Pastor Jeremy’s heartbeat is to help the broken, he is also overseeing our campus at Holman Prison.

Pastor Jeremy is a graduate of Life Christian University.


Pastor Johnny Bowman

Johnny Bowman hales from Tulsa, Oklahoma. For years he worked on staff in one of America’s largest churches in the area of children’s ministry. In 2005 he moved to Mobile to become our Children’s Pastor.  After serving us as a bachelor for a year, Pastor Johnny married Jamie and they’ve been working as a dynamic team ever since. Presently he serves as our Administration Pastor, overseeing the day to day operations of the church that help make things happen behind the scenes. This includes accounting and the operation of the Core Community Coffee House. (If fact, Jamie is the manager). Pastor Johnny and Jamie have two daughters, Kate and Elizabeth.

Pastor Johnny is a graduate of the University of Phoenix.


Pastor Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is Pastor Tom’s oldest son. In 2010 he joined the staff to work in the facilities department. Growing up at Praise, he had seen how easy it was for young people to fall away from the Lord. When an opportunity arose for him to lead the college ministry, he jumped at the chance and led it to new heights. His heart to help young people know Jesus expanded, and with it so did his responsibilities. Currently he serves as our Generations Pastor, overseeing all of our efforts for people under thirty. This includes children, youth, college and young adult ministries. He and his wife, Lori, have two children, Micah and Lily.

Pastor Brandon is a graduate of the University of Mobile.