South Africa Global Expedition (September 17th - 28th, 2019)


$2650 a person

Includes round-trip airfare, great food, lodging, ground transportation, travel insurance, team shirt, a real African safari and more!


$25o deposit

(Non refundable) Pay your deposit IMMEDIATELY online by clicking “sign up now” below, or in person using the designated envelope at the information center. We’ll let you know when the rest is due. And don’t worry, we are doing a special event this Summer that could potentially fund your entire trip!


Matumi Lodge

We’ll be staying in a real life Game Safari Lodge where you’ll actually hear lions roaring at night! Nestled next to Kruger National Park, it’ll be a very safe, unforgettable experience.


Our Hosts

We will be constructing a tabernacle for a thriving, growing church with missionaries Charles & Tammy Hasselbring — Great friends who are really part of our Praise Family!


Delicious Food

No monkey brains or cobra eyes and rice . . . We promise! This cuisine has become one of the highlights for our worldwide ministry teams!